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lmao 5 years ago
a mouth is a mouth dude, even though I love the way he screams about it
love it 7 years ago
Damn how he freaks out always does it for me.
pelle 7 years ago
That last comment just made me cum about him freaking out ;) along with the video :P
2 years ago
love how the pig begs the dude not to make him cum. poor baby doesn’t want to get his cock sucked by a man but will cum in 15 seconds... i love thinking about how hard he’s trying to get his dick out of the slaves mouth lmfao
brandon johnson 9 years ago
hahaha yes, this actually made me hard
nj subhubby 10 years ago
Hey Piggy my wife finally made me squeal like you. She had her boyfriend and all of his biker friends come over and ass fuck me....That was nice,I've done it before , but when they were done they shoved a wine bottle up my ass untill it was all the way in. Squeezing it back out was like giving birth. I really cried while everyone laughed at how pathetic I was. My sore ass reminds me that I'm of what a sissy I am.
Like it 3 months ago
Omg I love heard him screaming like that!
cynful 10 years ago
what a wimp .. a free bj and he complains ?
You will suffer 1 year ago
People is sick, and I don't like the world that (((they))) have create.
When the day comes, all of you, sinners, will suffer something worse than d3ath.
A little tortur3 will be a child's play comparing to the fate that awaits you.

You all, will suffer.